Craft brewed in Somerset


Great tasting
brewed as it
should be



Our kombucha is made in the most traditional way. It is fermented for 3 weeks in small batches
to ensure full flavour development and to achieve maximum probiotic strength

Kore Integrity

Craft brewed and not from concentrate for a full flavour
and maximum probiotic strength

Kore Quality

All natural ingredient, the actual fruit, the actual herb,
the actual fresh ginger

Kore Health

Unpasteurised, naturally sparkling brimming with vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and organic acids and of course those important gut friendly bacteria

Kore Strength

Exciting and unique flavours, each with a years work and market testing, giving a  full  and intense flavour

Kore Responsibility

Glass bottles and aluminium caps, there's no plastic from us. Our shipping boxes are cardboard too

Kore Commitment

Local to Somerset and local to the UK. Buying and supplying local produce fuels our economy, reduces food miles and supports craft producers.

5 Great Flavours

Green Tea Kombucha
Elderberry & Lavender

Green Tea Kombucha
Ginger & Hibiscus

Green Tea Kombucha
Lime & Elderflower

Green Tea Kombucha
Lemon & Hops

Green Tea Kombucha
Turmeric & Saffron

About us

As committed lifelong foodies, there were few things that had not been subjected to fermentation in our house! While not absolutely everything we had fermented became a staple, kombucha was an instant hit. We wondered how did we not know about this before? How was it, that this amazing, delicious, healthy drink was not in every fridge and in every café?

With kombucha, we just clicked. We loved making it, we loved drinking it and we loved sharing it. We sold some at our local farmers’ market. The next week we sold more. A month later we had labels on our bottles. A year later we had commercial premises and a walk in chiller you could host a party in.

We are John and Annie, husband and wife, passionate entrepreneurs, making the very best tasting, most authentic kombucha for us, for our families, for everyone.

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